Teach One Tech Inc., a charitable 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, engages and assists students in grades K-12 in the exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical (STEM) concepts, and leadership. In addition, we assist students in understanding how to apply STEM learnings and we guide students continually in practicing sustainability while incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics principles in every endeavor. Our goal is to give primary and secondary students a STEM experience that will help them visualize STEM disciplines in a new way. we and our collobrative partners will help to provide students with intimate STEM experiences, show them how these disciplines are interwoven in our everyday lives, and make STEM reachable for all. 
Providing opportunities for all students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers at post secondary learning institutions and business acumen. 
Explore STEM!
The STEM Summit: Robotics event was a wonderful success. Thanks to all who attended and assisted in this wonderful event.  We are busy planning another STEM event, stay Tuned!
Dream Big Dream STEM!
Thank you to everyone who participated in, planned,  and attended our first annual Dream Big Dream STEM Student Conference.  We had a full capacity crowd and are looking forward to a bigger and better conference next year. Please stay aware of our upcoming STEM Summit Series as we work in colloboration with NCCU , the Boy Scouts of America (Occoneechee council), and others to offer  more STEM programs to students in the region.
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Thank You for making this event a wonderful success.  Click on the picture!
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Thank you to our sponsors who made this event a success!
Thank you to our sponsors who made this event a success!
Dream Big Dream STEM 2017!
The theme for The next conference is:    Space Exploration and Innovation!
Register Today!
Register Today!
The Dream Big... Dream STEM Conference is for students ages ten to eighteen years of age, who have an interest in STEM related fields of
study and would like to understand how STEM is used in preparation to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This conference is strategically
designed to help all participants understand the role of STEM in our communities and how they can be impactful at any age.  Presenting
organizations include Fifth Season Gardening (hydroponics), NC STATE Department of Nuclear Engineering, Red Hat, Kramden Institute, the
Morehead Planetarium, and Asymmetry/ One Vibe focusing on robotics systems and programming. Each organization has an engaging learning
experience planned for your student. Students will have a choice to attend two sessions, have lunch, and we will end with a group session.   We
will have a dynamic keynote speaker who will challenge the students to pursue careers in STEM as well.  One Parent is free to attend with each
paying student! Attending parents can purchase a lunch ticket to enjoy lunch with us. Dream Big... Dream STEM. Educators are free to attend and
may purchase lunch via the registration site.

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