Teach One Tech Inc., a charitable 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, engages and assists students in grades K-12 in the exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical concepts, and leadership. In addition, we assist students in understanding how to apply technological learning's and skills to their daily endeavors. We guide students to continually practice sustainability while incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics principles in every endeavor. We are currently assisting students through our newest program called Tech Saturdays. Our goal is to give primary and secondary students a STEM experience that will help them visualize STEM disciplines in a new way. Tech Saturdays will help to provide students with intimate STEM experiences, show them how these disciplines are interwoven in our everyday lives, and make STEM reachable for all. Teach One Tech has the following initiatives and is establishing the following services:

                  Tech Saturday's: Onsite visits with local organizations to understand  
                  what skills are needed to highly perform in today's technological

                  Software education: Students will learn skills for the 21st century
                  including programming, Computer Aided Design (CAD), rapid 
                  prototyping and office based software lessons.

                  Professional Business Colloquium: Practical exposure to
                  Organizational structure and business acumen: Offered through
                  bimonthly entrepreneur's seminars and onsite visits to local

                  Technology and Social Responsibility: Teaching how to responsibly
                  integrate learned skills into their daily educational requirements and
                  daily lives including social media

                  Tutorial services coming soon!
     We are excited about providing these services to the triangle community and are in regular need for volunteers in all levels to help with student guidance, tutoring, and assisting as chaperones on onsite visits. If interested, please utilize our contact page to let us know of your availability and speciality skills. You willl find that the reward of helping students within the community provides immesurable fullfillment and is completely rewarding.
Teach One Tech's vision is to provide for an opportunity for all students to explore technology based computer and
business systems, processes, and applications for preparation to major in Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics (STEM) careers at post secondary learning institutions and business acumen. 
          To teach and expose all students to newly developed technology based concepts, theories, software, and equipment,
and apply the skills learned to guide innovation, higher learning, and deeper interest in STEM related disciplines.
If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or donating to our organization, all donations are tax deductible, to help fund our programs, please contact us via our contact page or by clicking on the donate link below. All financial information is secure via PayPal and no financial information is retained by our servers or our donation processing centers. Lastly, if you have questions, our staff will promptly follow up with you to ensure that all questions and regulations are met for proper processing. 
All donations are tax deductible!