1.) Check for the posted featured organization of the month.

2.) Do your research about the company.
Find out what they do, interesting facts, and ways that the organization uses Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics daily.

3.) E-mail us, with parental consent, and include two questions that you would like answered on the tour and your t-shirt size.

4.) Wait to see if you are selected for this month's Tech Saturday tour. Please note that space is limited. In addition, a small fee may apply to
cover student Tech Saturday expenses.

5.) Once selected you will be emailed a link to Docusign for releases and waiver information as well as payment information from Paypal. Please
check your spam box as well.

6.) Once all postions are filled, five standby participants will be put on the waiting list. If cancellations occur, we will utilize the waiting list to back
fill.  In addition, the website will be updated to reflect that all spots are filled and no additional submissions will be accepted for that particular

6.) Final procedures will be emailed upto 24 hours before the event with any relevant information to communicate.
February's Featured Company!

Click on the Logo to go to the
company website!
Click on the Logo to go to the
company website!
Selection Steps and Rules:
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Tech Saturday Review- Past Tech Saturdays
Tech Saturday Review- Past Tech Saturdays
Featured Company: March
Professional Design & Imprints
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Click on the logo to go to the  company website!
We learned about Open Source Programs and how team collaboration sometimes requires revision to
achieve the best possible outcome. In addition, the students examined a 3D printer up close and the
products designed from it.  They really enjoyed the marshmallow challenge!
We explored the career of Architecture and Design while learning about collaboration and tapping into
creativity by designing a bus terminal with final presentations concluding the Tech Saturday!
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The students learned about the science, mathematics, and technology involved in the screen-printing process. They even participated in creating their own limited edition t-shirt.
The students assisted in assembling over 30
computers that ultimately were donated to students
in need from all over the North Carolina Area.
Teach One Tech Inc. has partnered with the Vanguard Karate summer camp to provide STEM enrichment twice a week for the students. The students are challenged in various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topics. They have used the Engineering Design Process: (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve) as they tackle each challenge and lesson.
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